Dan Thomas for RiseUP

ABOUT: One of many brilliant, accomplished and high-impact leaders featured in RiseUP The Movie, Dan Thomas' - the Chief Communications Officer for the United Nations - interview gives an in-depth and approachable synopsis of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 Goals are an agenda and call to action set in place to be operation across the planet by 2030 in the name of the people, the planet and prosperity. With a great focus on human rights and extinguishing poverty, Thomas' interview and the United Nation's global agenda are very much in alignment with RiseUP The Movie's mission to redefine the model of success in order to empower people to live radically fulfilled and purpose driven lives. 

DIRECTOR: Michael Shaun Conaway

EP: Kate Maloney

PRODUCER: Alex Melnyk

DP: Michael Pescasio

EDITOR: Delaney Covelli