Garcia Street Club Preschool

Sneak Peak Trailer

ABOUT: This 30 second film is a sneak peak trailer of a 5 minute film currently in the works. Ultimately, the film will represent Garcia Street

Club Preschool's curriculum, community and care to be used as promotional material on social media, in grant proposals, etc. However, above all, the film will seek to represent that what this NAEYC accredited preschool does best is place social and emotional development and extending opportunity to be a second home/family to its students, just as it has been doing for over 70 years. 


DIRECTOR & PRODUCER: Delaney Covelli


DP: Delaney Covelli

EDITOR & COLORIST: Delaney Covelli

MOTION GRAPHIC: Delaney Covelli

MUSIC: Introduction of Mister Roger's Television Series